ITK LTD specializes in gasket and seal kits for Clark, Clark-Hurth, and Dana Spicer transmissions.  Clark 18000, Clark 28000, Clark 32000, Clark T12000, Clark 24000,  Clark TE-10 and our latest kit, Clark T20000 are ITK’s main product line. (The T20000 series kit is expected to be ready for shipment in late 2014)

Call ITK LTD at 330-467-8385 for immediate shipment of the Clark applications of our transmission gasket and seal kits.  Simply phone with your data tag information and we will give you the proper part number to order for your transmission.  We are located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio USA.  Most kits are easily sent via UPS, but we will ship via FedEx or USPS if you prefer.

Our Clark application transmission gasket and seal kits include all of the paper gaskets for the housings, pump and control valve.  Our gasket and seal kits include all of the  o-rings, oil seals, shaft and drum seal rings and piston rings.  ITK gasket and seal kits meant for the Clark 18000, Clark 24000, and Clark 28000 series transmissions include both the cast iron and the Teflon/nylon style piston rings.  You can use the style meant for your transmission without dismantling the transmission to find out which type your transmission was designed to use.  We save you time and money wherever possible.

In addition, we save you money by not including non-sealing items such as metal shims (which can be safely re-used) or bolts.  Leftover parts cannot be returned to ITK for credit.

Repair kits are available for all the models serviced by our gasket and seal kits.  Repair kits include the gasket and seal kit, friction discs, and steel separator plates.

Master Rebuild Kits are available for these models also.  Master Rebuild Kits include the gasket and seal kit, friction discs, steel separator plates, pump assembly, filter, ball bearings, and tapered roller bearings.

18000        24000                  
28000        32000
T12000      T20000

Transmission Repair Kits and Transmission Master Rebuild Kits are available for immediate shipment.  For proper identification of the kit you need, simply phone ITK at 330-467-8385 with the information from the data tag on your transmission.  We will advise you the proper part number to order.

ITK LTD uses names and part numbers for reference purpose only.  No ITK LTD products are implied to be the product of any manufacturer.



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