ITK LTD offers gasket and seal kits at a reasonable price.  These are high quality gasket and seal kits, available for shipment.  Call ITK at 330-467-8385 with your ID tag model and spec number.  We will advise you of the proper kit to order.

Funk gasket and seal kits are offered for the following transmission models.

1013           1014           1023           1024           1026          
1424           1426           1523           1524
1723           1726          
2233           2263
4013           4023


Funk 1000 series transmissions, such as the 1013 and the 1524, were widely used in the material handling industry.  Funk developed the 4013 and 4023 series transmissions for use in rough terrain applications.

The Funk DF44 transmission was designed to be a heavy-duty unit for a range of equipment types.  It used more electronic solenoids than the earlier transmissions, and was later replaced by the Funk 2233 and 2263 transmissions.

ITK LTD can no longer service the Funk 12000 series or the RC series transmissions.

Gasket and seal kits for Funk transmissions include all of the paper gaskets for the housings, pump and control valve.  Our gasket and seal kits include all of the o-rings, oil seals, shaft and drum seal rings and piston rings.

Repair kits are available for all the models serviced by our gasket and seal kits.  Repair kits include the gasket and seal kit, friction discs, and steel separator plates.

ITK LTD uses names and part numbers for reference purpose only.  No ITK LTD products are implied to be the product of any manufacturer.





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