ITK LTD can locate your transmission or torque converter hard parts.  Contact us with your parts list and we will show you the ease of one-stop shopping.

Pumps, clutch discs, separator plates and more are in stock, ready for shipment.
ITK carries a variety of transmission solenoids and cartridges also.

Let ITK LTD customize a transmission rebuild kit for repair of your transmission and torque converter.  We carry gasket kits, repair kits and master rebuild kits to make your ordering easier.

Transmission Gasket and Seal Kits include paper case gaskets, o-rings, paper control valve gaskets, seal rings (some styles have both cast iron and Teflon included), paper pump gaskets and oil seals.  We carry the foam-covered-in-paper gaskets and the metal pump gaskets.  If you want these, you must specify, and you will be billed separately for these items.

Repair Kits include the transmission gasket and seal kit for both the transmission and the converter, plus the friction discs and steel plates.  End plates are not included.  Pump can be purchased as a separate item.

Master Rebuild Kits include the transmission gasket and seal kit, the friction discs and steel plates, a new pump assembly, filter, clutch pack washers, ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.

OEM part numbers are used solely as a convenience.  No products listed are implied to be the product of any manufacturer.

ITK LTD has a minimum billing of $25 per order.




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