ITK, Ltd. can locate your transmission or torque converter hard parts.
Contact us with your parts list and we will show you the ease of one-stop shopping.


Pumps, clutch discs, separator plates and more are in stock ready for shipment.

Let ITK, Ltd. customize a transmission rebuild kit for repair of your transmission and torque converter.

Master rebuild kits include the transmission gasket and seal kit, torque converter gasket & seal kit, tapered roller bearings, ball bearings, friction discs, steel plates, clutch pack washers, pump assembly and filter.

Repair kits include a transmission gasket & seal kit, torque converter gasket & seal kit, friction discs and steel plates. Add a pump at additional cost.

Transmission gasket kits include paper case gaskets, O-rings, paper control valve gaskets, seal rings (both cast iron and Teflon), paper pump gaskets and oil seals.

OEM part numbers are used solely as a convenience. No products listed are implied to be the product of any manufacturer.

ITK, Ltd. has a minimum billing of $20.00 per order.

CL206864 Oil Seal $5.85
CL208768 Piston Ring $4.45
CL209560 Hook Ring $7.55
CL214625 Oil Seal $7.00
CL215183 Piston Ring $5.29
CL219373 Gasket $2.18
CCL220079 Seal Ring $8.35
CL222067 Sleeve $4.00
CL222079 Piston Seal $8.69
CL222104 Piston Ring $8.50
CL223085 Seal Ring $5.56
CL223822 Cup $5.12
CL224771 Outer Piston Seal $11.93
CL227881 Inching Seal $4.79
CL228931 Felt Washer $1.43
CL230416 Piston Ring $7.35
CL230839 Oil Seal $28.20
CL230857 Inner Piston Ring $10.68
CL230918 Gasket $2.68
CL230954 Oil Seal $17.85
CL231081 Gasket $2.75
CL231193 Gasket $3.12
CL231458 Seal Ring $11.70
CL231606 Gasket $8.27
CL231781 Gasket $8.50
CL231798 Oil Seal $10.50
CL231851 Gasket $4.35
CL231884 Oil Seal $8.98
CL232409 Gasket $6.47
CL232484 Gasket $5.58
CL232490 Gasket $17.81
CL232491 Gasket $10.66
CL232535 Quad Ring $6.65
CL232640 Gasket $7.89
CL234113 Inner Piston Seal $6.89
CL234130 Seal Ring $4.56
CL234161 Gasket $16.49
CL234653 Oil Seal $7.50
CL234663 Gasket $10.63
CL234922 Gasket $4.20
CL235283 Gasket Pump $6.97
CL235297 Gasket $20.07
CL237032 Outer Piston Seal $9.24
CL237242 Seal Ring $6.34
CL237243 Expander Ring $5.95
CL237415 Gasket $2.62
CL237698 Oil Seal $4.11
CL238056 U-Cup $24.00
CL239892 Seal $10.56
CL241237 Seal Ring - Rubber $24.41
CL242685 Gasket Bearing Cap $0.00
CL244128 Inner Seal Solid Teflon $17.50
CL244585 Outer Seal $9.05
CL244841 Outer Seal $16.05
CL246511 Gasket Pump $3.95
cl246544 Piston Ring $30.86
CL246563 Expander Ring $12.18
CL246597 Oil Distributor Ring $125
CL246684 Gasket $4.40
CL247257 Oil Seal Conv hsg $12.90
CL247614 Gasket $17.22
CL247615 Gasket Control Valve $16.15
CL247616 Gasket Control Valve $21.53
CL3613643 Gasket $7.05
CL4201488 Gasket $8.30
CL4201489 Gasket $9.95
CL4201490 Gasket $9.98
CL4201491 Gasket $13.10
CL4204222 Gasket $9.75
CL4204941 Gasket $7.89
CL4207512 Gasket $8.63
CL4207514 Gasket $8.63
CL4207516 Gasket $9.35
CL4209855 Gasket $10.77
CL456294 Seal $8.41
HY1302972 Gasket $5.75
HY1329630 Gasket $9.10
HY1334771 Gasket $2.89
HY1350276 Gasket $5.65
LOW600043A Gasket $9.50
LOW600043B Gasket $9.50
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